Campbell's Russian dwarf hamster or Phodopus campbelli is a species of dwarf hamster. It was discovered by W.C. Campbell in 1902 in Tuva. The Campbell's dwarf is native to the steppes and areas of Central Asia.

This hamster is sometimes mistaken as the Djungarian hamster (or Dzungarian hamster), or just Russian, and wrongly called a Winter white Russian dwarf hamster. These hamsters are more likely to bite or nip you than Winter White dwarf hamsters are. The average lifespan of the Campbell's dwarf hamster is 1½ to 2 years, butthey can live longer if they are very healthy.

Food Edit

Diabetes is a common problem in Campbell's hamsters and is an inherited problem from previous generations. They should not be fed sugary food or " sweet treats."

Like all hamsters, Campbell's dwarfs must gnaw regularly to keep the incisors from growing into the skin of the mouth and causing dental problems. Some pet owners provide dog biscuits to assist with this. Wooden chew toys should be used with care as splinters may cut the hamsters gums.


Campbell's dwarf hamster