The Djungarian hamster (Siberian hamster) or Phodopus sungorus, also known as the "Russian Winter White dwarf hamster" is a species of dwarf hamster. They are half the size of Syrian hamsters, and therefore called a dwarf hamster. Features include a typically thick dark grey dorsal stripe and furry feet. They are short tailed species and their tails are less than 1cm long. As winter approaches and the days shorten, the Siberian hamster's dark fur is almost entirely replaced with white fur. This is with the exception of the pearl. In the wild, they change to the colour of the snow to help camofaluge against predators.


The average lifespan of this species is 1½ to 2½ years or 2-3 years. This depends on the hamster though.

As petsEdit

Djungarian hamsters are often found in pet shops. Care is similar to that of the Campbell's Dwarf Hamster.


In the wild.