Mice are small mammals which belong to the order of rodents. The best known species of mouse is probably the common house mouse or Mus musculus. In the wild, they may be eaten by various birds of prey. Cats, dogs and snakes are also known to prey on mice.

In the wild, mice can cause diseases from their bites and feces. They can also disease crops. However, kept as pets they are no more dangerous than cats or dogs. Mice are semi-nocturnal and have poor eyesight as a result of this through evolution. They use their hearing and good sense of smell to navigate their surroundings.

Breeeding Edit

Baby mice are called pups. Mice become fertile at approximately 50 days old. Mice breed all year round and there is no specific breeding season. Mating is usually done at night when the male follows the female around. The male mouse can smell if the female is ready to breed or not.

Mice as pets Edit

Usually, fancy mice are kept as pets. Fancy mice are mice whose fur is more than one colour. They are known as companion pets who can be trained to perform a variety of tricks and even to complete mazes.

Mice hearing